3 Things to do When Preparing a Surface for New Paint

When the interior of your home is ready for a new coat of paint, there are a few things you have to do to prepare. The reason why you want to prepare the surface is so that the paint sticks better. You also want to ensure each coat is smooth and representative of the quality and color you picked. If you do not have time to ensure the walls are ready, professionals nearby are ready to offer their services.

Here are three things that need to be done when preparing a surface for a new coat of paint as recommended by professionals like Interior Painting Contractors Madison WI RPM Property Service.


From one day to another, you are not going to notice the amount of grime, oil and mildew building up on throughout the walls. In areas like the kitchen where there is cooking, and it is more obvious. The bathroom is another room that acquires a lot of build-up due to moisture and things like hairsprays. Professionals like RPM, who are Interior Painting Contractors in Madison WI, therefore, recommend giving the walls a good scrub before applying the first coat of new paint.

Remove Loose Paint

As you scrub the walls, you may come across old paint that is chipping off, peeling or simply loose. You are encouraged to peel it off completely so that the surface is smooth. If you do not take care of the pieces that could fall off, when they are ready to give way, they will fall off with the new paint creating a gap.

Seal Gaps

While you are scrubbing the walls and removing any loose paint, you want to keep an eye out for gaps. Gaps need to be sealed so that they do not trap moisture and the paint goes onto an even surface.

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