New Kitten and Puppy Care

If you receive a new puppy or kitten as a gift, then you must bring the animal for a routine examination by knowledgeable vets in Chicago. Responsible breeders only offer healthy kittens or puppies to buyers, but you might have an animal that was bred by an amateur. By bringing your pet to a veterinarian’s office as soon as possible, you can determine if the animal is healthy. A veterinarian will supply information about the animal’s routine immunization schedule to protect the pet’s health. Maintaining the immunizations for a pet is also a law to protect other animals and people from the dangers of conditions such as rabies.

Have Your Pet Neutered

In addition to vaccinations, you will want to know the best time for neutering your kitten or puppy to prevent unwanted pregnancies that lead to animals that no one wants. Neutering your pet can also protect it from other health problems such as cancerous growths in the reproductive system. The vets in Chicago will collect your information to send you messages about the best times for a pet’s booster inoculations and neutering surgery.

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When you have a kitten or puppy with issues such as pale gums or an enlarged stomach, you should have the animal tested for conditions such as heartworm disease, anemia or intestinal parasites. Fast treatment for these conditions can prevent additional problems for your pet. To avoid having these conditions, you can give your pet medications, but if your pet’s blood and stool sample tests indicate that there is an infection, then you must begin treatment immediately to eradicate the problem. To learn more about caring for your pet, contact the vets in Chicago at Village West Veterinary at our website located at

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