Hiring a professional plumber

If you are about to embark on a large plumbing project you will need to hire licensed Falls Church, VA plumbers to make sure the job is done right and that is done in full accordance with the plumbing codes. If you have managed to fix the little plumbing issues around your home without the aid of a plumber, you may be wondering what the right approach is to make sure you hire the right plumber the first time. Hiring a licensed professional plumber is not difficult but you will want to take your time.

Every state has a licensing board that oversees the issuance of licenses for contractors, including plumbers. These boards are a great resource as they can give you the current status of any licensed plumber in the state, it is highly recommended that you make use of this service to make 100 percent sure the plumber you are considering is licensed and that the license is up to date.

To be granted a license, the plumber must carry the relevant insurance; liability and workers comp for his staff. In the event there is any damage done during the construction, the liability insurance can come into play and cover repairs of the damage. It is not hard to do damage when you consider that the plumber will be dealing with gas lines, water mains, appliances, faucets and much more. Major projects such as a complete bathroom renovation requires a permit, licensed Falls Church, VA plumbers can get this document on the owners behalf and of course, all the work will be done in accordance with the current construction codes.

A plumber which is not licensed may know how to go about the work but you are subjecting yourself to unnecessary risks if you use one. In the event he or one of his workers are injured you may find yourself being held liable, also, any contract between you and an unlicensed plumber is considered null and void so there is no guarantees that come along with the work.

Take your time to find at least three plumbers that have been recommended to you, talk to neighbors, family members and friends and get as much input as you can. Ask each for a written estimate, get a written contract between you and the plumber you choose and do not pay for the work in cash, you will want records of all transactions.

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