Industrial Rigging Service: The Need For Skilled And Trained Riggers

When deciding upon what company to hire for an industrial rigging service, it is important to consider qualifications. Do not merely consider the dependability and reliability of the company that supplies this service. It is essential to look at the overall characteristics of the actual riggers.

What to Look for in Trained Riggers

A rigger is the individual who handles and moves loads of various weights using rigging. This is a very important task. In fact, you should never consider hiring anyone who is not qualified or certified to perform it. Consider the following before hiring a rigger:

  • Certification: What level does the rigger possess?
  • Safety Procedure: The rigger must display a complete knowledge of safety procedure
  • Loads: S/he must have training in and a complete understanding of the dynamics, mathematics and other aspects of loads e.g., balance, stability
  • Materials: The rigger needs to know the various qualities of diverse materials that may comprise a load
  • Harnesses: The rigger must possess more than a basic comprehension of the various types of harnesses, their capacities, and their purposes

Experienced and accomplished riggers are also aware of the factors that can affect any type of industrial rigging service. They know the influences of such environmental forces like the wind, the weather, swing, and such things as the location of overhead power lines. Overall, to be a successful, accomplished, and safe rigger, s/he must be familiar with all aspects pertaining to the rigging and the load it is to carry, shift and/or move.

Industrial Rigging Service

When hiring any company for any type of industrial rigging service, make sure the riggers they employ are more than competent. Be sure they are both trained and experienced. Know their accomplishments in this field before you decide to employ them. By valuing their skill and knowledge, you are ensuring that any project for which you hire them is done efficiently and effectively and, above all, safely.

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