Choosing Granite Counters For A Rustic Kitchen

One of the many benefits of choosing natural stone for a kitchen countertop is the versatility in the colors, patterns, and design options for the counter. In St. Paul homes, kitchen designs that include a more rustic or farmhouse look are very popular. The rustic or farmhouse look is a great way to highlight the comfort, warmth, and welcoming nature of the kitchen in any home.

Typically, in this design style, the cabinets, and cupboards, as well as the flooring, are a natural type of material. For cabinets and cupboards, this is typically wood, with different options in wood types and stains to create lighter to darker cabinets throughout the space. Flooring is often hardwood or engineered types of laminate that resembles hardwood but offers a low-maintenance, durable flooring option.

The choice of countertops should be in harmony with the natural or rustic look of the rest of the décor and design choices. Some of the best options to consider are granite counters.

Colors to Consider

The choice of colors and patterns in granite counters makes this a perfect match for a St. Paul rustic kitchen remodel project. The earthy, rich, colors of the granite can range from grays and blacks through to browns, tans, creams, and even the more dramatic look of onyx.

The patterns in granite counters can be subtle and small, or they can be very pronounced. This allows the counters to blend into the wood and natural stone or hardwood décor, or to become the center of attention with a bold pattern that is still natural rustic.

Additional Elements

When you select custom natural stone counters, the choice of edge profiles is also an option to consider. The classic look of round, bevel, or bullnose is in keeping with the rustic, farmhouse look, but there are also other options to consider based on your preferences.

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