How To Choose The Perfect Eyeglass Frame In Manhattan

When a person’s vision isn’t perfect, they will need to get a pair of glasses. Many people don’t know much about choosing the right frames. A person doesn’t need to be a fashion guru to be able to find the perfect frames. There are four simple tips that they can follow to choose the best Eyeglass Frames in Manhattan.

Face Shape

The shape of a person’s face will determine which frames will enhance they look. If a person has a round or a square face, a round frame will enhance their appearance, making them look longer and slimmer. It will also add balance out their features. A person with an oval face looks better in geometrically shaped glasses. People with diamond-shaped faces look better in frames that are wider than their cheekbones and that sweep up. Finally, glasses that are round with curved edges help take the attention away from the large, high forehead of a person with a heart-shaped face.

Skin Tone

Skin tone has a lot to do with the color of a frame that a person chooses. People with warm complexions are better off with contrasting shades such as gold, honey, beige, and light brown frames. People with cool skin tones look better in darker shades, such as mauve, gray, blue, purple, and pink.

What Is Their Lifestyle Like?

Since most people need to wear their glasses every day, they should think about their lifestyle when choosing a frame. If a person is active, they would be better off with frames that can twist and bend without breaking. If a person works in an office and they are often trying to impress clients, they should spend a bit more money on a stylish, brand name frame. To know more, click here.

Fit Frames To Their Personality

A person should choose a frame based on their personality. If a person is bold and fun loving, they should choose a frame that is loud and fun. If a person has a signature color, they can buy a frame in that color. Choosing a frame based on their personality is a great way for a person to be themselves.

Since eyeglasses will be on a person’s face all the time, they should make sure that they are choosing the perfect frame. If an individual is still struggling to find the perfect frame, the professionals at Charlotte Jones Opticians can help them find the perfect frame for them.

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