How Old Is Your Water Heater? 3 Signs It Might Need Replacement

We understand, not every homeowner knows much about his or her hot water heater. Most hot water heaters are hidden away in a closet, basement or garage. Unless you have a problem, you have no cause to think about them. However, you may have some signs that it is getting close to the end of the life of your hot water heater. Here are three signs that your water heater might need replacement instead of plumbing repair services.

A Water Heater Leaking

One common cause for a leak from your hot water heater is corrosion. The quality of your water and the length of service of your hot water heater can cause the hot water heater to corrode and, resulting in a leak. If your hot water is leaking because of corrosion, you have no choice but to replace the hot water heater.

When you do see puddling around your hot water heater call a licensed professional plumber in Charlotte, NC immediately to take care of the repair. Not taking care of plumbing leaks can lead to flooding that damage floors, ceilings and household items.

Discoloured or Rusty Water

Tap water that looks cloudy or rusty are indications of a significant problem. A Charlotte, NC licensed plumbing can determine the root cause of discoloured water. Rust and other contaminants in your water is unhealthy to drink and shower in. Furthermore, rust and minerals or other contaminants can affect your pipes and drains.

A licensed plumbing professional will evaluate your water heater, look at the tank and help determine the source of water contaminants.

Abnormal Noises

As the water tank heats and cools, the minerals coating the tank expand and harden. As the tank ages, more layers of sediment will adhere to the sides of the tank. Air caught between the layers of mineral sediment make a popping or creaking noise as the tank heats up or cools down. If you do hear creaking, popping or any other sounds coming from your hot water heater, it is time to call a licensed plumber that is a water heater professional.

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