3 Signs That It’s Time to Talk With a Professional About a New Roof

Homeowners are likely to need new roofs at least once over the years. When you wonder if it’s time for a new roof, the best move is to call a professional and have the current one checked. There are also some signs that you need to make that call to a local roofing company in Venice, FL, sooner rather than later. Here are three examples to keep in mind.

There’s Mold in the Attic

You don’t visit the attic often, but something has changed since you last stepped into the area. There’s mold growing on several of the rafters. Fortunately, it’s not spread to anything you have stored in the space, but the mold is not helping maintain the sturdiness of the roof’s support system. While there may only be a leak that needs repair, the damage to the roof could be extensive enough to require a complete replacement.

You Notice Bald Spots While Cleaning Out the Gutter System

Your annual visit to the rooftop to clean the gutters yields an unpleasant surprise. There are patches of shingles that no longer have a layer of granules attached. At the very least, those shingles need to be replaced. Depending on how long the shingles have been that way, there could be some underlying damage. A professional from a local roofing company in Venice, FL, can inspect the roof and determine if repairs or a new one would be in your best interests.

You’re Not Sure How Old The Roof Happens to Be

You only have a few more years left until the mortgage paid in full. Now that you think of it, the present roof was on the house when you bought it. How long was it there before you purchased the property?

Even if you haven’t noticed any issues, it makes sense to call a roofing company in Venice, FL, and have the roof inspected. It may be fine, or it could need some work. There’s also the chance that the time has come for a new roof.

Do you wonder if the time is here for a new residential roof? Call today and arrange for a professional to take a look. Together, the two of you can go over all the options and decide which solution works best.

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