Floating Sunglasses End the Era of Frames Lost on the Waves in Charleston

We try to forget but still remember those pricey boating sunglasses we lost on the water and mourned. Then there was a replacement pair we promised to protect from the same fate and lost on the water anyway. Finally, we found perfected, lightweight polarized sunglasses to save ourselves and buddies from such bummer outcomes. Here’s the skinny on what makes this kind of eyewear to the top.

The Density and Grace of Innovation

Lightweight polarized sunglasses float because they weigh less than the amount of water they displace. They use a highly sturdy yet low-density material called TPX. TPX is as strong as other popular materials often used to make sunglasses, such as polycarbonate, but it’s 30% lighter. This makes for a feathery-light pair of sunglasses that withstand daily use, float on water and never weigh down your face.

TPX also saves ounces when your’re packing for efficiency and want to keep your load light. When long excursions and days of adventure are the objective, keeping your gear bags sparse and maneuverable is of the utmost importance.

Polarized Lenses Are for More Fishing

Lightweight polarized sunglasses are easy to spot and retrieve if you happen to lose them on the water. If they fall off while you’re kayaking or fishing, you can just cruise by and scoop them up. Polarization adds another layer of function and convenience, blocking the blinding glare that is an inevitable quality of sunny days on the water.

Polarized lenses also make sunglasses equally useful in any outdoor situation where avoiding glare is an overall advantage. Rock polarized styles while golfing, spectating at outdoor sports events, partying on the beach, driving or even running errands on super-bright days.

In addition to polarization, our lenses come with special coating to resist condensation, fogging, scratching, oil and fingerprint smudges. Added UV protection shields your eyes from damaging rays while you’re out and about. Swing by Rheos Gear today at or in Charleston to explore our polarized, floatable sunglasses in dozens of styles and colors.

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