Catering Trucks Offer Special Event Eats With a Fun Street Food Vibe

Catering trucks in Cleveland, OH, let you bring the signature menu of your favorite local eateries to your milestone events, such as anniversaries, seasonal family barbecues, and company parties. Choose between beer and food trucks or treat guests to both to ensure scrumptious food and refreshing drinks for the most memorable celebration ever. More Than Just a Food Truck Today’s catering trucks in Cleveland serve more than food and great craft beer. Some are standalone, but others are the food truck emissaries for popular local eateries. A sports bar food truck, for example, may have a curated seasonal menu as well as many amenities associated with the parent sports bar.

The food truck you choose to entertain in may include access to an LED flat screen with satellite system to enjoy the World Cup or the Superbowl. LED lighting and an integrated music system keep the event festive and the buffet well illuminated into the night. Many trucks come stocked with walk-in coolers, a tap draft system and a full bar to sate thirsty guests as they nosh, chat, relax, and cheer. Food or Beer Truck Rental Options One size of food truck doesn’t fit all events.

That’s why catering trucks in Cleveland boast different tiers of service. For a certain dollar amount per plate, the most basic tier treats your guests over a three-hour event to platters, specialty sandwiches, and sides expertly prepared using local ingredients. At a similar price point, you can furnish your event with locally brewed craft beers. The selection typically includes a range of award-winning stouts, IPAs, fruity malt beers and German-style white beers. Enjoy limited-edition lagers and pale ales for certain seasons or events.

Combined Food and Beer Truck Rental Hire the whole shebang for large-scale and corporate events. You can hand-pick your selection of beers and pair them with lovingly assembled, tasty food. Combined food and beer truck rentals turn mere block parties or small public festivals into major draws that bring close friends and neighbors together. When the event ends, there’s no cleanup. You simply thank your guests for coming, take all the credit, and watch the catering trucks pack up and roll away. Follow us on Instagram.

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