Choosing Eyeglass Frames in New York City

When trying to select the right Eyeglass Frames in New York City, there are a couple of different things to keep in mind. The first thing to think about is choosing frames that emphasize a facial feature. Every person has a facial feature that they consider being their best, so look for frames that will show that particular feature off even more. This might mean something like selecting green frames to emphasize green eyes, for example.

Another important thing to consider is the shape of the frames and how it will work with the face. In general, it is best to look for frames that contrast with the shape of the face. A person with a round face will only make the face look even more round if they choose small round eyeglass frames. However, a squared eyeglass frame can make the face look longer and remove some of the round looks. If a person has an elongated oval face, it may be best to avoid certain eyeglass frame shapes that have an aviator style, as these will lengthen the face further. Remember, consider the face shape and then go with frames that are exactly the opposite.

Many people neglect to consider how important eyeglass frame size can really be when they are trying to choose new eyeglass frames. Keep the overall size of the face in mind when looking at the frames, making sure that the eyeglass frames are not so large that they become the main focus of the face. Any frames that dwarf the face are likely to be uncomfortable as well as being less than flattering. A set of eyeglass frames that cover the eyes but don’t drastically overlap the eyebrows or the upper cheeks is a good bet for most people. It is also best to avoid the very tiny eyeglass frames. Such frames not only make it harder to see, but they can be unflattering for most people. If you are looking for stylish Eyeglass Frames in New York City that will be the perfect fit for you, consider checking out Charlotte Jones Opticians today.

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