Attorneys Help Those Dealing With Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing Home Neglect in Countryside, covers the criminal, civil, and regulatory standards for treatment of the elderly in care facilities. When nursing homes fail to meet minimum standards, they may be sanctioned in multiple ways such as forced changes, loss of licenses, loss of funding, and payment of monetary damages. Most homes are owned by corporations that have little to do with day-to-day operations, but a large settlement can often lead to positive changes while providing compensation to victims.

Spot the Signs of Neglect
Most violations of nursing home laws are not reported. Victims may have no way to make a report, or they may fear retaliatory actions. In some cases, a disability can render a victim unable to recognize abuse when it happens, leaving visitors and relatives to take action. Abuse can take two main forms: one involves the facilities themselves while the second involves employee behavior.

Facility-related abuse typically involves the condition of the nursing home. Grounds must be well-equipped, clean, and safe. Residents should have access to recreation, social services, meals, and emergency care. Homes should be properly maintained and staffed to prevent slip-and-fall injuries

Conduct-related abuse can be emotional, financial, sexual, or physical. Visitors often notice bruises, cuts, bedsores, weight loss, or sanitary concerns, but some signs are not as obvious. When visiting loved ones, family members should check finances, ask questions, and investigate anything suspicious.

Families’ Legal Options
When a family is confronted with a loved one’s Nursing Home Neglect in Countryside, they should ask other residents or speak to the administration first. If concerns aren’t resolved, or if the situation is dangerous, a legal report should be made to the health department, the local adult services office, or the ombudsman. Those faced with such situations should consult Mary Ann Covone Attorney at Law, who can follow up on behalf of the client.

Getting Compensation
The negligence doctrine holds parties liable when carelessness causes harm to someone else. The doctrine is used by victims of various injuries but, in the context of nursing home injuries, negligence happens when employees injure a resident by failing to offer a minimum care standard. When determining damages, courts consider factors such as federal regulation and common industry practice. Victims can sue under specific laws or file a tort claim for intentional acts. A particularly egregious case can bring about a punitive award in addition to victim compensation.

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