Your Guide to Finding the Pregnancy Information You Need

Pregnancy can be a very frightening time, regardless of whether your pregnancy was planned or not. Finding the information and support you need to make it through the months and years that follow can be difficult, especially if you’re not sure where to start. Here’s where to look for the pregnancy information that will help you make the right decisions for yourself and your family:

Your Doctor

Your first stop in finding the support and information you need for pregnancy and beyond is to talk to your doctor. Your primary care physician and OBGYN can work together with you to help you choose the right options for your pregnancy and life afterward – and keep you and your baby healthy throughout the process.

Pregnancy Websites

Numerous pregnancy websites exist to help women find important information as well as to find community support from other expectant women. These online forums offer a great platform for new mothers and more experienced parents to network and share ideas, experiences, and enjoy every other aspect of pregnancy together.

Church and Community Groups

Many religious and community groups exist that support women during their pregnancies and assist them with finding options for after their baby is born, ranging from parenting classes to adoption resources and much more.

Still looking for pregnancy information in Jacksonville, FL? Contact your doctor or your nearest women’s health and pregnancy center to find out more of what you need to know. Help is just a phone call away!

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