You Should Visit an Auto Dealer, Find One in Barrington

When most Barrington residents think about buying a vehicle, they imagine going through the want ads and finding options listed for cash only buyers. While this option is still prevalent and many people use them, you may want to head to a local auto dealer instead. You’re making a good decision based on your needs because they have many things a private seller doesn’t.


Dealerships still in business already have an established reputation. They have helped hundreds or thousands of customers find options that suited their needs, which is why they’re still around. You can’t expect a private seller to come with that good reputation; they may never have sold a car before in their lives. In fact, they don’t have to tell you what’s wrong and might lie about what is right with the vehicle so that you buy it. Then, you must deal with the consequences. A dealership won’t do that because they know they could get in trouble with local authorities or be fined.


While partly to do with reputation, most dealerships offer high-quality vehicles that have been tested by trained mechanical technicians. You know the vehicle is sound, even if it does have a few minor character flaws. However, a technician has inspected the car for reliability and functionality, which means you can expect many years of use. Plus, you may be able to purchase an extended warranty, or it may come with one.


One thing you must have with a private seller is cash or check whereas a dealership offers financing that is affordable and fair.

An auto dealer has a variety of vehicles on hand to suit your needs and ensures that they run. Visit McGrath Volvo Cars in Barrington at to start your search of their inventory today.

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