You Don’t Have to Live with Issues that Can be Corrected with Botox in St. Petersburg, FL

It is funny how, for most of your life, you don’t even notice that nobody’s face is exactly the same on both sides. If you look closely enough, you will see that one side is slightly lower than the other. Some people can see this more easily if they compare their ears or other easy to compare aspects of their face. That is, until they begin to age. Then it seems as if all of a sudden, you notice that one side of your face can begin to look like it has fallen lower.

This sagging, on one side of your face more than the other, can be found in a deeper fold along the side of your nose, one eyebrow being lower than the other, or when you have one eye that is more closed that the other. Some people can be so affected by the way their face responds to gravity and less tight skin, that they have trouble seeing out of one eye, or feel self conscience about how they look. They feel as if they are walking around with one eyebrow lifted higher than the other.

This is the type of issue that can be corrected with Botox. The doctors at an organization like My Dermatology & Cosmetic Center can have you looking and feeling better without invasive surgery. They can use Botox St. Petersburg, FL to lift the eyebrow that is lower than the other, giving your face that balanced appearance again.

Other problems can be treated with Botox St. Petersburg, FL, as well. It can be used to decrease the appearance of those deep line between your eyebrows that are formed from facial expressions. They can help to smooth out the fine vertical lines around the upper lip and even out the contours of other parts of your face. You will find that by having Botox St. Petersburg, FL done twice a year or so, you will be able to have a face that is more like the younger one you remember seeing in the mirror. It only takes a short appointment to be back to looking the way you once did.

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