Why Staten Island NY Pool Leak Detection Should Be Part of Regular Maintenance

You’ve worked hard to have the pool of your dreams designed, planned, and installed. As you enjoy your pool through the years, though, it’s important that you properly maintain it to ensure you make wise use of your major investment. One aspect of pool maintenance that shouldn’t be overlooked is pool leak detection in Staten Island NY. Here are a few reasons why this procedure is so important for enjoyable pool ownership.

Saves Water

You lose enough water from your pool as it is through evaporation and splashing. Why waste more water, then, through undetected cracks in your pool? Whether or not you have an automatic filling mechanism, even one small leak could waste hundreds of gallons of water in a season. By performing pool leak detection Staten Island NY on a regular basis, then, you will ensure that you catch these leaks early before too much water is wasted.

Protects the Pool

Though your pool is built to withstand high forces, that doesn’t mean it’s invincible. If a small crack develops, causing a leak, then this crack could grow, over time, if it is not fixed. As temperatures change and water leaks through your pool shell where the crack exists, the crack will be able to grow, until it has the potential to cause major damage to your pool. Whether or not you realize you have a leak in your pool, then, regular leak detection is critical to the structural integrity of your pool.

Saves Money

Beyond the obvious expense of wasted water, periodic leak detection can help you save money in other ways, as well. One way you’ll save money is by reducing the need for chemicals, as you’re keeping the treated water in the pool rather than treating clean water that has to be added. Additionally, if your pool has a heater, you’ll ensure you can keep that warm water in your pool rather than heating cold water from your water source. Add these to the protection of your pool liner, and it’s easy to see why pool leak detection makes sense. For outstanding leak detection from industry experts, contact Atlantic Pool Leak Detection at Atlanticpoolleak.com.

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