Why Mold Inspection in Salinas, CA. Is Part of Water Damage Restoration

Home water damage can be caused by anything from a leaky faucet to a major flood. However, all damage has one thing in common – it can result in unhealthy mold growth. As a result, experts such as Professional Fire Restoration typically include a Mold Inspection in Salinas CA projects.

Mold Is Easy to Get and Hard to Get Rid Of
Even minor leaks can cause mold to begin growing within 48 hours after dampness sets in. The fungus replicates very quickly and spores can be picked up by HVAC duct systems, which then circulate them throughout the home. The result is often indoor air pollution that can contribute to health problems. That is why a Mold Inspection during Salinas CA restoration projects is considered routine. Water damage experts have the equipment and training to locate growths in basements, attics, plumbing, and even under wallpaper.

Professional Cleaners Offer Permanent Solutions
Technicians who find mold use industry-approved methods to remove it. Their techniques are much more powerful than the over-the-counter products that are often used to remove mold in bathrooms during routine cleaning. Professionals get to the source of fungi and then treat surfaces, to prevent their return. They can safely discard mold as well. Technicians decontaminate HVAC systems, to discourage future mold problems. They use anti-bacterial cleaners and agents that deodorize and sanitize spaces. Specialists are often called on to remove mold that has been growing for a long time and has harmed surfaces. In these cases, they destroy growths and restore walls, cabinetry, plumbing, and other affected areas.

Experts Prevent Mold Problems
Water restoration experts can prevent future mold problems and often begin the process by locating potential trouble spots. They search for leaking plumbing, excess A/C condensation, and high humidity. Professionals repair leaks and offer recommendations to homeowners. They may suggest using dehumidifiers, correcting HVAC settings, and increasing airflow. They also treat many surfaces, to prevent fungus from regrowing.

Water damage experts specialize in mold testing, removal and prevention. They routinely test homes that have suffered from leaks or flooding, to find and repair any sources that could cause mold growth. They also eliminate mold, decontaminate air duct systems, treat surfaces, and recommend ways to reduce future mold problems.

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