Why it is Smart to Install Vacuflo Built-in Central Vacuum Systems in Queens Homes

by | Nov 12, 2013 | Home Improvement

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If you are in the market for a new vacuum cleaner, you might want to consider having central vacuuming installed instead. This smart choice is becoming popular for several reasons, including:

EASE OF USE: Carrying a vacuum cleaner up and down stairs and through rooms can be exhausting. However, homeowners who install

Vacuflo built-in central vacuum systems in Queens

eliminate this problem. Central vacuum systems use a single unit, with outlets in every room. That means that all you have to do is plug the hose into the wall, and clean your room.

QUIET OPERATION: The professionals at All County Central Vacuums will install a unit in a utility room or garage, far from your living area. That means that Vacuflo built-in central vacuum systems in Queens do not interfere with phone conversations, listening to music, or watching television. You can vacuum without disturbing family members who are asleep.

BETTER CLEANING: Many homeowners choose built-in central vacuum systems because they clean much better than standard units. The systems remove 99.9% of dust and reduce many of the allergens that can cause health problems. Central systems have about 3 times the suction of a standard vacuum.

SAVINGS: Installing a built-in central vacuum system saves you money. The units are more durable than traditional uprights or canisters, and eliminate the need to keep replacing vacuum cleaners.

ADDED VALUE: A central vacuum system adds instant value to your home. It is also attractive to home buyers, which could make your home easier to sell.

INSTALLATION CHOICES: Experts, such as the technicians at All County Central Vacuums, can provide a variety of models to choose from. They will help you select a system that fits your needs and budget. Professionals can install units in new construction, homes that are being renovated, or existing houses.

Central vacuum systems offer a lot of advantages over standard upright or canister models. Central systems can be installed in any home, are quiet, and add value. They clean more thoroughly, and save you money because they last a long time. The units are also easy to use, and eliminate the need to carry heavy vacuums all over the house.