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Why Custom Baby Cribs in Lehigh Valley, PA Often Become Heirlooms

A good baby crib is sturdy, safe, and easy to clean. But, what if it could also be a beautiful piece of furniture that is passed down for generations? That is exactly the question that craftsman such as Martins Furniture LLC asked themselves when they began designing furniture decades ago. Clients who order their elegant baby cribs in Lehigh Valley PA get handcrafted, richly finished works of art that will look just as beautiful when future generations use them.

Designers Offer a Variety of Styles

Parents buy custom Baby Cribs in Lehigh Valley PA when they want stylish furniture. That is why the artisans who create the unique pieces often invite interested clients to “visit our website” and view a gallery of elegant choices. Online products include the Carlisle Panel, Manhattan, Cottage and Louis Phillipe Slat cribs. The furniture is created from woods that include oak, cherry, and maple.

Beds Can Be Adapted As Kids Grow

Custom cribs are cost effective since most can convert into handsome beds for growing kids. Suppliers sell conversion boards that turn cribs into daybeds. Parents can also buy rails and slats that transform the furniture into elegant full beds that children can use for many years.

Hand Crafted Furniture Offers Lasting Quality

Wooden baby cribs that are designed and created by craftsmen offer unparalleled style and beauty. Artisans build them from a variety of sustainably sourced woods. They combine old-world skills and high-tech equipment to manufacture industry-leading designs. Every stage of the process is carefully monitored and inspected for quality. Each finishing step is done by hand and includes prep sanding, color applied in layers, sealers, and hand-scuff sanding. Craftsmen ensure that multiple layers of coating add silky beauty and a durable finish that will not yellow. Every finished crib includes the company’s stamp of integrity and is signed and stamped by the artisan who created it.

Hand crafted custom wooden baby cribs are safe, sturdy, and beautiful. They are also smart investments since cribs can convert to day and full beds which children can enjoy for years. The elegantly crafted pieces are carefully constructed and finished with such skill that they can become family heirlooms.

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