Why a Walk-In Family Doctor Near Wichita, Kansas has Become so Popular

With such turmoil over the cost of healthcare, and with so many people left without health insurance, the idea of obtaining healthcare can be extremely problematic for many. Fortunately, with options like a Walk-In Family Doctor Near Wichita, Kansas, a person who is tired of waiting for extended periods of time to see a doctor, or a person with no health insurance that needs to see a doctor but can’t, has the option of enjoying quality medical care.

What are Urgent Care Facilities

A walk-in family doctor typically resides in a walk-in or urgent care facility. These medical treatment facilities operate a bit like a doctors office and a bit like an emergency room. Many of them have on-site labs for quick testing and are staffed by qualified nurses and experienced and doctors. This means a multitude of medical issues can be easily treated at one of these clinics. In the event the health condition of a patient is more serious than the clinic can handle, they will often send those patients to a hospital.


There are two reasons a walk-in family doctor near Wichita, Kansas has become so popular. Because of the limited services offered and efficient staffing, urgent care doctor services are dramatically less expensive than visiting a doctor’s office or a hospital. This is the perfect option for someone who needs to see a doctor for a mild health condition but has no health insurance.

Easily Accessible

Secondly, because these clinics are open for extended hours and, in many cases, are open every day of the year, wait times to see a doctor or be treated can be extremely short. Many times, a person can simply walk in and see a doctor for an ear infection, a stomach issue, a sprained ankle, or a laceration in just a matter of a few minutes. As with any office, there are times where they will be busier than others.

Whether you have a minor medical issue that can’t wait until you can make an appointment with your family doctor or you have no doctor or health insurance, a walk-in clinic may be just what you need. If you’d like to know more about these options for minor medical treatments, go online and check out Wichitafms.com. You can also follow them on Facebook.

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