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Wholesale Tortillas in New York City for a Wide Variety of Meals

Some Mexican restaurants make their own salsa and chips, but they simply don’t have time to make their own tortillas from scratch. These restaurateurs rely on suppliers of wholesale tortillas in New York City that offer large selections of sizes in both corn and wheat. Those tortillas are used to craft a broad range of menu selections, such as burritos, enchiladas, fajitas, and chimichangas. Traditionally, corn tortillas are generally reserved for enchiladas, but customers who need to stick with a gluten-free diet choose this version for the other selections too. They’re happy to continue eating their favorite kinds of burritos, even if the tortilla is made with corn.

With so many dining establishments now offering wraps of various types, these Mexican food suppliers stay very busy. Wrap items on menus have become very pervasive outside of Mexican restaurants, with customers enjoying the change of pace. Some of these meals are similar to eating a sandwich, only without the thick, heavy bread. Tortillas have fewer calories than most slices of bread. Other wrap meals offer the sense of eating a warm casserole or a cool salad wrapped in a tortilla. The sheer number of meals that can be created with tortillas is limited only by one’s imagination. It’s no wonder chefs have embraced these simple flour and corn ingredient containers and included them on menus for nearly all types of cuisine.

Wholesale Tortillas in New York City are excellent choices whether the lunch or dinner is meant to be lighter fare or a hearty dish. While one person appreciates a wrap filled with grilled seasonal vegetables, another wants a big stuffed burrito containing shredded beef, refried beans and plenty of cheese. The meals can be made for someone on a diet and who has weight loss goals, and someone else who requires a calorie-laden dinner because of a strenuous job involving physical labor. Tortillas from a supplier like Best Mexican Foods are useful for breakfast also. They can be filled with ingredients such as scrambled eggs, salsa, diced tomatoes and green peppers, and sliced black olives. It’s like having an omelet inside a tortilla.

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Author: Jayden collins

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