When You Plan to Diamond Pawn

When most people think about pawning jewellery, they tend to think about gold or silver. One thing that many people simply forget to consider is the intrinsic value of diamonds. While there is always high value attached to the metals housing the diamonds, the diamonds themselves can often command an even heftier price. If the diamonds are fine quality, they are far more valuable than gold in most cases.
The best way to determine the actual value of your diamonds is to take them to a Diamond Pawn shop that also deals in gold and other precious metals. Some pawn shops only deal in things like gold, and if you take your diamond ring to such a shop you might end up getting nothing but the value of the gold itself. In fact, many pawn shops will tell you that stones, in and of themselves, don’t tend to hold intrinsic value. However, the exception to this rule is usually diamonds. There are also some other stones that may be nearly as valuable or just as valuable as diamonds, especially natural emeralds.

The Diamond Pawn shop where you take your diamond jewellery will evaluate your diamonds based upon several different factors. Diamond buyers know these factors as the “Four Cs” of diamonds. They include colour, cut, clarity, and carat weight. Just because a diamond is quite large does not mean that it is necessarily more valuable than a smaller diamond. In fact, a small one karat diamond with superior colour, cut, and clarity is going to be valued more highly than a three-carat diamond that has multiple inclusions and poor colour.
The amount that the diamond buyer will offer you is usually based upon what they feel they can resell it for. The diamond buyer will pay you less than the retail price because they do need to make a profit. However, you will probably be pleasantly surprised at just how much you can get for a nice quality diamond today. In some cases, the diamond buyer will melt the piece down to extract the gold, and then use the diamond in other jewelry. Regardless of how they plan to use it, your diamond is worth some nice money at a pawn shop today!

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