When to Seek Treatment for Your Child at an Urgent Care Facility

Sometimes, your child might not feel well or could have an injury that needs to be treated right away. If you’re unable to get an appointment with your child’s primary care doctor and don’t feel that it’s an emergency situation, consider visiting a pediatric urgent care in New Jersey. Here are a few reasons why children are often seen at this kind of facility.

Ear Issues

From infections to painful aches, children can be seen at an urgent care for issues with their ears. A doctor can examine the ears to determine if one is infected or if there could be something inside the ear causing the pain that your child feels. Antibiotics and other medications can be given to offer relief.

Sore Throats

One reason why you might want to visit a pediatric urgent care in New Jersey would be if your child has a sore throat that can’t be relieved with medications at home. A test for strep throat can be performed, as well as other tests to determine if your child has a virus or other illness. Referrals can be made to a specialist if your child has frequent sore throats during the year.

Scrapes and Wounds

When you see that your child is injured, you might think that you have to visit an emergency room at a hospital. However, an urgent care office often has an X-ray machine as well as access to other diagnostic machines to determine the severity of the injury. Sprains and similar injuries can be wrapped until you can get to your primary doctor. Most offices can use stitches to close deeper wounds as well.

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