When To Schedule Air Conditioning Repairs In Palm Desert, CA

In California, common issues require homeowners to hire an air conditioning repair technician. The issues are common signs of failures that lead to more severe problems. By catching the issues earlier, the homeowner avoids more complex repair requirements. A local service provider offers Air Conditioning Repairs in Palm Desert CA for all homeowners.

When the Condenser Coil Keeps Freezing

Frozen condenser coils are often caused by a lack of refrigerant. The coils freeze over, and hot air is circulated throughout the property. When the issue occurs, the system will generate cool air for about thirty minutes after the coils are thawed.

Property owners shouldn’t attempt to operate the air conditioning when the coils continue to freeze. If the issue is a blockage, the attempts to operate the system lead to an overheated motor. Over time, the motor will stop operating altogether.

When the Unit is Blowing Hot Air

Again, air conditioning units that fail to blow cool air often require a charge of refrigerant. The issue resides in the outside unit more often than not. The technicians review the refrigerant levels in the exterior unit first. If the charge doesn’t correct the problem, the compressor is likely the issue.

When the Thermostat Keeps Engaging the System Irregularly

Thermostats that continue to engage the system irregularly aren’t reading the interior temperature correctly. The thermostat is replaced to resolve the problem in most cases. However, older properties are assessed for cracks and leaks that lead to drafts around the thermostat. The conditions affect the temperature readings, too.

When Your Power Bill is Significantly Higher

If your power bill has increased significantly, your air conditioning unit is ready for a replacement. Under the circumstances, it is trying to compensate for damaged components by drawing too much power. The higher energy consumption leads to the increases in cost.

In California, common signs of air conditioning failures tell homeowners when it’s time to schedule repairs. The issues are often indicators of further problems down the road. A local repair service offers a multitude of repairs to address the most common issues. Homeowners who want to schedule Air Conditioning Repairs in Palm Desert CA contact All Seasons Air Conditioning Plumbing & Heating Inc. now.

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