When to Hire an Injury Lawyer

In today’s world, anyone can get injured at any time. When someone is injured by another party is it common for them to hire an injury lawyer from Philadelphia, PA.

The most common reason for hiring an injury lawyer in Philadelphia, PA. is for an auto accident. In an auto accident, the auto insurance company for driver typically pays the medical bills for the person who is injured.

When To Hire

The time to hire an injury lawyer in Philadelphia, PA is right after the accident. Insurance companies will want to take your statement. It is advisable that you speak with your attorney before providing a statement.

Also, auto insurance companies will attempt to settle with a very low figure when they know the person is not represented by a lawyer. Some insurance companies have even been known to refuse to pay or contest the liability of the claim when they are not represented by a lawyer. An experienced lawyer can fight for your rights and negotiate the best possible settlement for your case.


An experienced lawyer will be able to calculate the approximate value of the injuries. This calculation will use both economic and non-economic amounts to estimate your settlement.

Economic damages include the total amount of your medical bills, medications, cost to repair or replace your vehicle, lost income, future lost wages, and anything else that was spent due to the auto accident.

Non-economic damages usually include pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment of activities, worsening of prior injuries, and loss of consortium.

Hiring an injury lawyer in Philadelphia, PA will take the stress of the case off of you and allow you to recover from your injuries. Having an attorney represent you will also ensure that the statute of Limitations does not expire and they will be able to take advantage of all available resources for attorneys.

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