When to Hire a Chapter 13 Lawyer in Fall River, MA

There are more than a few good reasons to file for chapter 7, 11, or 13 bankruptcy and knowing when to call on the aid of a lawyer can simplify the process regardless of your choice. The best chapter 13 lawyer can help you determine if this is your best option and make it possible for you to facilitate the process in the long run. The more that you do for yourself during this type of frustrating situation, the less likely you are to undergo more stress later on.


It is possible for you not to be eligible for chapter 7, in which case you would need to consider chapter 13 as an alternative to your filing needs. Your lawyer will come from an experienced and reputable firm such as the Law Offices of Tara M. George, PC and he or she will know exactly when and why you would not qualify for chapter 7. There are many reasons this might be so, such as your monthly income over the prior six months before filing being more than the median for a household your size.

Rather than facing the potential of being rejected and losing weeks of time while your bills continue to pile up, you could choose to hire a chapter 13 lawyer in Fall River, MA to get the job done right from the start. These professionals will carefully assess your situation to help you determine which type of bankruptcy is most beneficial to your case. With their help, it could be possible to find relief from the daily financial woes that make your life so difficult right now.


If you are behind on your mortgage or car loan, a chapter 13 lawyer may be able to help you file in such a way that you can make up for missed payments over time and reinstate the original agreement. This is not possible with chapter 7, meaning that you may lose the car or property instead of being able to catch up with what you owe.

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