When to Call a Rockford Auto Accident Attorney

An auto accident attorney at The American Law Firm can offer you a free consultation with an experienced attorney from their firm. You can get a free case review so that you know where you stand. A lot of people ask when they should call a Rockford auto accident attorney, and the answer is as soon as you are safe and your medical injuries have been stabilized. In other words, before you speak to anyone else about the accident
Mark Brynteson has been practicing law in and around Chicago for over 25 years. His experience has provided him with a high level of expertise that any accident victim can benefit from. There is no such thing as a simple accident. Even if it seems cut and dry that you were not at fault, you are not guaranteed that your rights will be protected unless you have quality legal representation. Mark Brynteson is prepared to make sure that your rights are protected.

Important Things to Do After an Accident Occurs

  • Make sure your own injuries are cared for. Do not move until emergency responders arrive unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • Once your injuries have been attended to by emergency responders, make sure other parties to the accident are ok.
  • If you are able, take photos of the scene with a cell phone camera and get the names of any witnesses who saw the accident. This is important because evidence can be lost and witnesses may disappear quickly before the police have a chance to know that they witnessed the accident.
  • Before speaking with insurance companies or anyone else, it is vital to call an attorney for a free consultation. Never sign any documents without having them scrutinized by a lawyer. Insurance companies will most likely not have your best interests at heart.

Protect Your Rights and Interests with Quality Legal Representation
Getting help with your case is as simple as making a phone call to Mark Brynteson, one of the most respected Rockford auto accident attorneys available. Once you make the call and come in for a free case review you will know exactly where you stand. When you have an experienced attorney on board, you can rest easy in knowing that they will fight to protect your rights and interests. Contact The American Law Firm today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation appointment.

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