What You Must Know About Teeth Whitening in Mobile, Alabama

Individuals often visit the dentist to request Teeth Whitening in Mobile AL. In fact, this treatment continues to be the most popular requested today at dental offices. Often referred to as power whitening, power bleaching, chairside whitening or professional whitening, teeth whitening involves using a highly concentrated bleaching gel, one that allows you to see results right away. The gel is of such a high concentration that it may only be used in a controlled setting to ensure no harm comes to the teeth or gums. There are a number of benefits to choosing professional whitening, as opposed to an in-home whitening kit.

Many choose professional whitening methods as the results are seen immediately. With in-home kits, individuals must use them for a period of time before a difference will be noticed. In addition, professionals carefully monitor the bleaching gel, so one doesn’t have to worry about unintentionally doing more harm than good. Whitening techniques have improved over the years, ensuring there is less of a risk of tooth or gum sensitivity also, a concern in the past. Although one does pay more for having the teeth whitened professionally, many find the results to be worth the expense.

One must consider the type of stains to be dealt with before deciding if this option is right for them. During the aging process, teeth tend to change color. Those with yellow teeth will obtain the best response to professional whitening. In addition, stains caused by certain foods, including sodas and coffee, typically respond well to professional whitening, and the same is true of those brought on by tobacco use. If your teeth are stained as a result of trauma or they are inorganic, this might not be the right option for you. Whitening the teeth can make the stains more prominent.

Before you can determine if Teeth Whitening in Mobile AL is the best choice for you, certain factors need to be considered. If you have deep and intractable stains, you’ll need to consider other options. The same is true if your teeth have become transparent during the aging process, a problem most frequently seen with the front teeth. Those who have sensitive gums or teeth may need to look at other options also. Visit the site to learn more about your options. You can have a beautiful smile, and teeth whitening may be a part of the process to achieve this goal.

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