What To Expect When You Get Dentures in Kaneohe

In Hawaii, patients who have lost their teeth due to periodontal disease need an effective replacement option. The dentist provides several selections to help these patients restore their smiles. However, patients with limited budgets may need a more economical choice. Local dentists provide Dentures in Kaneohe for these patients.

Extracting Damaged Teeth

Dentists provide a complete removal of all teeth after the periodontal disease has become more detrimental. They offer this service when the disease has advanced to a stage where the patient’s health is at risk. Periodontal disease increases the odds of frequent infections. It also causes a higher risk of heart disease. Once the teeth are irreparable, the dentist extracts all teeth and prepares the patient for their chosen replacement technique.

Acquiring a Mold of the Gums

The dentist acquires a mold of the ridges of the gums after the gums have healed. When all the teeth are extracted, the gums shrink as they heal. The patient must wait until the shrinkage is complete. If they don’t, their dentures won’t fit properly.

Fitting the Dentures

The dentist places the dentures flush against the gum line. They review how the dentures fit to determine if they match the gum ridges correctly. Once they know the fit is correct, they show the patient how to use the adhesive to keep them in place. They also show them what options they have for securing their dentures properly.

How to Take Care of the Dentures

The dentist also shows them how to take care of the dentures. They show them how to brush the adhesive off the dentures. They make suggestions about cleansing products that refresh the dentures and eliminate bacteria. They explain the right techniques used to maintain the dentures and avoid damage.

In Hawaii, patients address total tooth loss by choosing appropriate replacement options. Dentures are among these opportunities. They are removal choices that allow the patient to clean them completely. They look like natural teeth and are secured with adhesive. They are created from a mold of the gum ridges.

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