What to Expect from Alcohol Treatment Programs in Port Orchard WA

Alcoholism is a disease. The good news is that alcoholism is also treatable. Alcohol Treatment Programs in Port Orchard WA can help a person struggling with addiction get back on the right track. Knowing what to expect before entering treatment will make the transition to sobriety a lot easier to handle.

Detox Is Difficult

Regardless of whether an addict is choosing an inpatient or an outpatient treatment center, they need to get clean beforehand. When an alcoholic suddenly stops drinking, it’s common for them to face some challenges while they detox. Even though it may seem impossible to handle, remember that detox symptoms are temporary.

Some commonly reported withdrawal symptoms includes headaches, insomnia, sweating and shakiness. More serious symptoms that should be reported to a doctor may include fever, tachycardia or seizures. While detoxing, it’s important to keep an open line of communication with a substance abuse counselor.

People Want to Help

Even when an addict is ready to get help, they may still seem resentful towards those offering it. Alcohol Treatment Programs in Port Orchard WA have experienced counselors on hand who know how to speak with addicts. These counselors are available whenever someone in treatment finds themselves struggling.

While the treatment center will schedule regular counseling sessions, don’t hesitate to request more time, if needed. Some people find they really struggle in the beginning and need more one-on-one counseling. Others may be tempted to relapse later on and need to speak with someone right away.

Treatment Takes Time

Don’t count the days until treatment is over. No matter if a person is ordered into treatment or enters on their own free will, they need to understand that treatment takes time. Completing the program doesn’t guarantee success. It’s necessary to practice what its taught during treatment in the real world.

Some people may graduate treatment and never look back. Others may find themselves needing to stay longer. Don’t enter treatment with any expectations. Instead, listen and learn during the process. Sobriety is a lifelong goal, and it doesn’t happen overnight.

Anyone who knows they have a problem with alcohol should consider seeking help. Treatment programs are available to teach addicts how to live a sober life. Through intensive counseling and group meetings, it’s possible to beat this addiction.

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