What to Expect from a Professional Garage Door Inspection

Your garage door is a complicated, heavy duty piece of equipment that requires a little extra care to maintain. This is the largest moving part in the home, after all, and over time key parts are going to break down or show signs of age. The door itself, as well as the automatic opening system, need to be inspected regularly by a professional technician to ensure that it is operating effectively and does not need any repairs.

An expert will go through all of the elements required for inspection, many of which are set forth by the Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association International DASMA). Some providers will offer up to a 25-point inspection, but what matters is whether they are checking the appropriate parts and hardware regardless of how many specific “points” are offered in their inspection checklist:

  • Manual release handle: must be red, less than 6 feet high, and in working order.
  • Door panels show no signs of cracking or fatigue.
  • Warning labels are visible: one for the spring assembly, one on the back of the door panel, one near the controls on the wall, and one in the bottom corner of the door near the brackets.
  • Springs and hardware are all securely attached and fully operational.
  • Door operation should be checked for free movement and ease of operation.
  • Spring containment: All springs and attachments should be properly restrained.
  • Reversal test: performed on closing with contact and non-contact tests to make sure the photoelectric eye is functioning and garage door safety features are in working order.
  • The photoelectric eye must be located no more than 6 inches off the floor.
  • The push-button control panel should be located away from moving parts, at least 5 feet off the floor.
  • Optional remote and smart connectivity tests can be performed to ensure your remote openers are functioning correctly.

Thousands of people wind up in emergency rooms every year because of garage door injuries. Many happen while people are trying to handle seemingly ‘minor’ repairs or inspections, which really should be left to the professionals. This is a major piece of equipment, and it should be treated as such.

Fortunately, when it comes to finding the right garage door company, Cocoa FL residents have options. Find a technician that has experience with garage doors in the Florida climate, including inspecting the hurricane and wind ratings of your garage door for compliance and your peace of mind. A simple inspection a couple of times a year can increase the life of your garage door system and save you a lot of money over time.

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