What Happens to Tree Roots After Stump Removal Service in Dunwoody GA?

After a tree has been cut down or toppled by a storm, the property owners may want Stump Removal Service in Dunwoody GA. The service commonly is accomplished by grinding away the wood with specialized machinery. The workers continue grinding the stump underground so the area can be refilled and raked to an even surface. The property owners may wonder what happens to the roots now.

Roots After Grinding and Digging Service

Initially, when a tree is planted or grows from a seed, the roots grow straight down but then start to travel horizontally. They can continue traveling several feet from the tree.

After stump grinding, the roots gradually decay, but that can take years for the process to be completed. More intensive Stump Removal Service in Dunwoody GA involves digging up the stump and the roots that have grown far and wide. This is a more expensive service because it requires a lot of labor. It also requires redoing the landscaping because such a broad part of the yard is affected. Nevertheless, the project does take care of those unwanted roots.

Sprouts and Shoots

One disadvantage with leaving the root system intact is that sprouts and shoots can pop up from those roots. The property owners must be vigilant about cutting them down quickly or they will rapidly grow into small trees. This tree growth is abnormal, so it leafs out from the ground without having a good trunk structure. More sprouts will appear and eventually, several small trees will be growing around the place where the stump once stood. Fortunately, this does not happen with every tree species. Knowledgeable tree service technicians can provide more information.

Managing the Debris

Either way, the customers of a contractor such as TreeDog Atlanta Services LLC must decide what they want done with all the organic debris left behind. Stump grinding leaves a lot of wood chips, and many property owners like to rake those over the area to use as mulch. Much more debris is generated from digging up the stump and roots. The tree service company can remove all of that material if the customer wants.

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