What Farmall Cub Parts Are Most Commonly Replaced?

by | May 8, 2024 | Business

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The Farmall Cub is described as a very small tractor – the smallest made by its manufacturer. Crafted by International Harvester (IH) in 1945, it was produced in two main types. In the beginning, farmers could only purchase the “Standard Cub (1945).” Later, they were offered another option – the “Lo-Boy Cub” or “Cub Lo-Boy (1955).” Although production ceased in 1981, the Farmall Cub remains popular. It is tough, but certain quality Farmall Cub parts can and do have issues. Fortunately, many are currently easy to locate.

Farmall Cub Parts Most Frequently Replaced

Replacing parts on a Farmall Cub is not difficult. However, even the durability of this tractor is not a sufficient defense against ongoing and repetitive usage. Certain Farmall Cubs parts do require replacement after constant and consistent practices that result in wear and tear. Among those components most frequently requiring replacement is the following:

  • Battery, battery box front cover, battery ignition unit
  • Cam shaft, cam shaft gear
  • Carburetor
  • Clutch, controls and housing
  • Crankcase, and oil pan
  • Engine block
  • Exhaust system
  • Gear shift
  • Oil filters
  • Rock shaft
  • Spark Plugs and cables
  • Spindles

These are a few of the more common components requiring replacement.

Finding Farmall Cub Parts

If you need parts for your Farmall Cub, you are in luck. They are readily available from many online distributors/suppliers of old and new tractor parts. Among the extensive stock of tractor components, you will surely be able to locate an original, reconditioned or reproduction replacement for that worn or damaged Farmall Cub part.