What Can I Expect From Dental Implants?

You have a decision to make soon. With the last of your natural teeth about to be extracted, what sort of replacement will you choose? Many people find that dental implants in Lincoln Square are the right solution for them. Assuming you select implants, here are some of the benefits that you will enjoy.

Your Smile Looks Better Than Ever

You can bet that your new dental implants by a Lincoln Square dentist will look like natural teeth. The cap for each implant is custom designed so that the shape and proportion are perfect. The color and shading assures that your smile never has that overly-bright appearance. What you will have is a smile that looks better than it has in years.

You Can Chew Without Pain

How long has it been since you could chew any type of food and not experience any discomfort? Once those new implants are in position, feel free to eat anything that you like. It’s still important to avoid habits that would damage real teeth. This means chewing ice is off limits. When it comes to food, feel free to bite into an apple, chew on any raw fruit or vegetable that you like, and enjoy your meal without any pain. Remember to brush after every meal.

The Implants Will Last for a Long Time

If you choose dentures, be prepared to replace them with a new set after several years. By selecting dental implants in Lincoln Square, there’s a good chance that you will never have to replace anything. Along with lasting for so long, the implants also help to maintain the shape of your jaw line. That will help you avoid developing the sunken look that occurs when you wear dentures.

Would you like to know more about dental implants? The team at Cornerstone Dental of Lincoln Square is happy to help. Call today or visit https://www.lincolnsquarefamilydentist.com/ to schedule and exam and consultation. It won’t take long to see why so many people consider implants to be the best possible replacement for real teeth.

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