What Are the Differences Between General and Cosmetic Dentists?

Back just 100-odd years ago, humans only lived for about 40 years on average. Still, then, our teeth didn’t remain pearly white throughout our ancestors’ time on planet Earth. Now that we live about two times as long as we did a century ago, we’re tasked with keeping our teeth out of harm’s way for even longer than before – it was already difficult in the first place! Dentistry is a very important field of medicine, for both our aesthetics and our physical well-being, for both cosmetic dentistry and its general counterpart.

They Both Hold Doctoral Degrees in Dentistry

Both general dentists and cosmetic dentists in Chicago, too, must earn an undergraduate degree, make it through four years of dental school and then work under an established dentist for at least a year before starting their own operations. However, cosmetic dentists in Chicago are required to complete a year-long residency requirement under which they don’t do anything outside of cosmetic-use dental procedures to develop expertise in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Further, cosmetic dentists also must train under an existing dentist, just like their general counterparts mentioned above.

Cosmetic Dentists Are More Costly, but the Value They Provide Is Unmatched

In many cases, orthodontists can line their patients’ teeth and jaws up sufficiently well by the time their patients’ braces are ready to be removed. Even though they’re all in the right place, they might not look perfect. Cosmetic dentists go the extra mile to make sure their patients’ teeth look perfect. They cost more, as such, because their work is practically always picture-perfect.

General Dentists Clean Patients’ Teeth During Visits, Cosmetic Dentists Usually Don’t

Since cosmetic dentists’ time is better spent serving the advanced needs of patients request teeth whitening, bonding and other similar procedures, they usually don’t offer to clean patients’ mouths. General dentists, on the other hand, do.

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