What are the Benefits of Using Air Dryers in PA?

In the manufacturing process, there are many obstacles that can impede having a satisfactory product be produced. One of the biggest issues some manufacturers face is condensation which can lead to corrosion and cause damage due to freezing. This is why many manufacturers make the wise decision to implement Air Dryers PA. With this information, manufacturers will better understand the benefits of using these special dryers in their business.

Moisture Causes Great Damage

Keeping the air dry in some types of manufacturing is essential for preventing damage to expensive equipment. When compressed air systems are used, condensation can begin to develop which can cause some of the following types of damage.

  *     Moisture washes away lubrication and can end up causing corrosion in the metal components of machinery, which can lead to expensive damages.

  *     When compressed air is used to apply paint, moisture can affect the adherence and color of the finished product.

  *     Moisture can end up freezing in the lines and lead to the faulty operation of machine controls.

  *     Moisture can also lead to the corrosion of the gas operated instruments which will likely lead to false readings that can cause major problems in manufacturing.

  *     Eventually, high levels of moisture can lead to corrosion, scaling, and even blockages which can cause complete breakdowns.

How Do Dryers Work?

When a company installs Air Dryers In PA, these immediately go to work on reducing moisture in the air. A refrigerated compressed air system is one of the most common types of dryers on the market and is ideal for drying compressed air.

The system works by cooling down the air much like an air conditioner would. As the air is cooled down, condensation develops, and the excess water is removed via a water trap, so the compressed air is then made as dry as possible.

There are both cycling and non-cycling dryers and they both offer their unique benefits. The right system can protect the air compressor components from developing rust and other issues that can cause costly problems for a manufacturer.

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