What a Primary Care Doctor Does

Ever heard of a family doctor? These doctors, in days past, stayed with a family their entire lifetime. They were known for assisting with childbirth, vaccinating children and treating a raging fever with humbling bedside manner. A primary care doctor is just that, a family-oriented doctor who is always there when needed. Here’s a brief list of just what a primary care doctor in El Cajon does.

Focus on Preventive Measures

A primary care doctor in El Cajon focuses more on overall health, rather than on curing a particular disease. These doctors, whether they are family practitioners who treat the entire family or pediatricians who treat children from birth to adolescence, count as primary care doctors because they’re trained to look at a variety of ailments and assess the cause.

Refer You to a Specialist

Primary care doctors are like the barometers of health. If the problem requires special attention, your first stop is to a specialist. They may refer you to specialists like a chiropractor, OBGYN, urologist and others. Making sure you have the best primary care doctor possible saves you time because they know just where to send you.

Keep Your Health in Line

A good primary care doctor in El Cajon is focused on one thing: making sure your health and well being fit together in a holistic pattern for long life. They’re less inclined to focus on money and earn a smaller paycheck than most hospital doctors. Pediatricians and family doctors are your go-to for regular annual checkups. They keep your insurance costs down and are trained to spot problems before they grow.

Looking for a primary care doctor in El Cajon? Check out the Children’s Physicians Medical Group and find perfect health care just for kids.

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