Various Methods of Pipe Bending in Seattle, Washington

When a company that deals in metal products need some outside work done with the metal, such as bending, there are fabricators who do such. Pipe bending or tube bending has become an art form as well as a science, and many customers come to fabricators with a drawing of what they expect the finished product to look like. A fabricator that does Pipe Bending Seattle Washington wants customers to be aware of the many methods of pipe bending available to them. Here is a look at the variety of methods used for pipe bending processes.

Methods of Pipe Bending Processes

One type of pipe bending Seattle Washington is known as Ram pipe bending, which forces a die against the pipe, tubing, or other structure in the area where the bend is wanted. This process forces the pipe to yield to the shapes of the dies and is used in projects with large diameters. Another method that is used is known as heat induction, which (as the name suggests) uses high-temperature heat to melt the metal enough to where it can be bent to the shape desired.

More Methods of Pipe Bending Processes

Roll pipe bending is also a pipe bending process, and it draws the pipes or tubing through rollers which applies pressure to the metal pipes and continues on until the piping process is complete. This process is used on the projects that are smaller, and customers with many small projects use this method. A final method of pipe bending is known as Mandrel bending, where the pipe or tube is helped in the process by the mandrel being inserted inside it. This method maintains the shape and size of the pipe diameter better than other methods.

A Fabricator for Pipe Bending in Seattle

Customers who may need pipe fabrication done in the Seattle, Washington area can find many fabricators in the area. Specialty Metals is a fabricator in Seattle, Washington that handles pipe bending projects for customers. If any customer needs Pipe Bending Seattle Washington, the fabricator is available.

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