Using Pest Control Services in Wellington Florida To Handle A Flea Problem

When a homeowner discovers their pets are infested with fleas, steps need to be taken to have them eradicated in their entirety. Treating the pets is not enough to stop fleas from thriving. Fleas will harbor themselves inside of homes, as well as continue to thrive in outdoor areas if steps are not taken to eliminate them thoroughly. Here are some steps a pet owner should take to stop a flea infestation.

Treat The Animals First

It is important to get help for suffering pets first so they are not prone to health risks. Flea shampoos or topical drops work well at killing fleas and eggs present on a pet’s body. If pets do not get relief after a treatment, a trip to a veterinarian for an assessment is best. They will give recommendations regarding the type of treatment best suited for the pets and will give follow-up appointments to check on their well-being as well.

Take Time To Treat The Interior

The inside of a home needs to be treated to kill off any fleas that jumped away from their hosts. Eggs will hatch when conditions are warm, making it necessary to take fast action in conducting a flea removal process. Calling Pest Control Services in Wellington Florida is the best way to eliminate parasites completely. They will use a flea bombing agent as well as commercial-grade pesticides that are safe for people and pets to be around after a specific duration. Also, washing pets’ bedding and doing thorough vacuuming removes carcasses, larvae, and eggs from home.

Tend To The Outside Areas

Fleas in a yard will become a problem again in the future if pets frequent the property. A pest control service will treat the entire property with appropriate agents to remove fleas from grass, dirt, and sand. It is necessary to reapply agents on a routine basis to eliminate the problem.

When there is a need to hire Pest Control Services in Wellington Florida, finding a business known for their expertise and fair pricing is always a plus. Contact Above & Beyond Pest Control today to schedule an appointment.

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