Using Flexible Resins for Crack Repair in Natick, MA

Cracks in foundations, bulkheads, window wells, patios, and other concrete surfaces can cause serious issues over time. Often if they are caught early enough, structural damage can be avoided, and they can be easily repaired, though. The most effective and permanent means of crack repair in Natick MA short of completely replacing the concrete surface is to use a flexible resin. It’s best to trust this kind of work to a professional contractor to ensure that the solution is as permanent as possible, as they have access to industrial grade solutions that are not always available to homeowners themselves.

Dry Seal is one flexible resin that has been shown to be very effective at permanently repairing cracks. It requires pressure injection into the crack, which helps it to fully penetrate any capillaries, pores, or voids throughout even a thick wall. When completed, this fix should be made to last. It wll be watertight and fit specifically to the unique dimensions of the crack being repaired.

This material is capable of adhering to concrete and can be used in just about any climate zone, making it ideal for New England. It can resist repeated freezes and thaws, and will prevent future water damage from occurring in the area.

If the cracks are structural in nature, a more heavy-duty sealant may be required. Crack-Weld epoxy can be injected into a crack that is likely to cause structural damage, and is equally water insoluble and flexible. These solutions are very practical, as they require only minimal curing time. Surfaces do not need to be pre-dried, and the presence of water in the future will not require reapplication. Flexible resin has an impressive track record. In fact, it is even strong enough for use in swimming pools, so leaky basements and cracked foundations pose no problems.

The best time to fix cracks in concrete is as soon as possible after homeowners notice them beginning to occur. Putting it off can only lead to more damage, and more costly repairs. Contact us to learn more about Crack Repair in Natick MA or to contact a licensed and insured contractor today.

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