Useful Lighting Ideas to Better Enjoy Your Off-Campus Housing

As you prepare to move into student apartments, you may think about everything you need to make your space more comfortable. You may have your bedding, storage units, and kitchen supplies picked out to make yourself more comfortable. However, if the rooms are dark, you may not get the most from the space. Here are lighting ideas that will help you better enjoy your off-campus housing.

Boost Natural Lighting

Regular exposure to sunlight can reduce stress, brighten your mood, and contribute to better health. As you hunker down to study each day, you may not get outdoors as much as you should. This habit can limit your exposure to the sun and cause a noticeable effect on your learning. Instead of solely relying on artificial light, open your blinds to use natural lighting within your Missouri State off-campus housing.

Swap Light Bulbs

Most apartments use standard bulbs within each apartment, so you have the light that you need. Depending on your habits, you may need a different type of illumination to succeed. For instance, halogen bulbs produce a light that is much like natural sunlight and can make your environment more stimulating. Your Missouri State off-campus housing can be a terrific place to live, and you should do everything you can to make the most of it.

These simple changes can dramatically affect your time in Missouri State off-campus. Get more ideas or schedule a tour with the 505 apartments at

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