Trendy Home Design Ideas Currently Making Waves on the Homefront

Florida homes can have some of the most beautiful exteriors in the country, but what about inside the home? Interiors are equally important. Right now, several trends are sweeping through home interior design in Fort Lauderdale. Homeowners are renovating kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, dens and more to enjoy more beautiful and livable spaces.

Beautiful tiling is one great design choice that will look great and increase home value. Not just for floors, this trend can be applied to kitchen backsplashes, shower stalls, and walls. Sparkling tiles and unique mosaics bring life to any room, while also providing durability and water resistance. Don’t be afraid to bring tile into unexpected places. Tile flooring looks just as gorgeous in the living room as it does in the kitchen. It also makes your living spaces easy to clean and scratch-free, unlike hardwood floors.

High-quality cabinetry is another interior design trend more homeowners are opting for. Beautiful hardwood cabinets add timeless appeal to kitchens, bathrooms, built-ins, bars, and more. Cabinets with custom molding make ordinary homes look like more like mansions.

High-quality cabinets turn kitchens into show-stopping home centerpieces. Hardwood finishes with a beautiful grain or gleaming painted finishes in flawless colors put new life into old kitchens (without even needing to replace appliances). Bathrooms also take on a new look with good cabinets. New cabinets, along with a new sink and hardware, can revive the most boring bathroom.

Wall paint is another home choice brightening interiors across Florida. Covering old, dated hues with fresher, more popular colors updates walls quickly and easily. This is the easiest fix for improving an outdated interior, that can really make for a whole new look. Bright blues, agreeable grays, and other standout paint colors might be just the thing to add some “wow” to your home.

There are plenty of great ways to refresh your home, and many fun new trends, like elaborate tiling, quality cabinetry and fresh paint colors sweeping through home interior design in Fort Lauderdale.

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