Tracking Down the Best Chinese Food in Los Angeles

To say Chinese cuisine is an LA tradition would be an understatement. Chinese restaurants and foods have long been part of the complex multicultural fabric of Los Angeles, and the city is far richer for it. From the high-priced opulence of Downtown to the humbler nooks and crannies of Greater LA to Chinatown itself, with constant activity around its restaurants and kiosks, there are so many places to find Chinese dishes around LA, and different iterations of Chinese cuisine at that. After all, in the same way that there are permutations within every cultural tradition, different interpretations of the same cuisine tradition can put a little spice back into those old recipes!

Here’s a brief look at just two options on the menu—traditional and fusion Chinese food in Los Angeles.

Traditional Chinese

To begin with, the term “traditional Chinese food” is as complex and hard to pin down as the question of “traditional Chinese culture” can be, not because there’s a lack of either—far from it, with both Chinese cuisine and culture ranking among the richest in the world—but, indeed, because of that very wealth of variety. China’s a very big place with a very long history. That means lots of different and sometimes competing cultural and culinary traditions. That said, Los Angeles Chinese food has room for them all. If “authenticity” is your key focus, head on over to Chinatown and sample not just one example of “traditional Chinese food,” but a whole city’s worth of palate-pleasing dishes.

Chinese Fusion

What makes a multicultural city like LA special is its ability to mix and match those different cultures and create new and wonderful things in the process. Case in point: Chinese fusion dishes, which combine Chinese menu items with those from around the world. Want to mix your Chinese dishes with some Mexican, Italian, or Greek samplings? Here’s your chance!

Experience the best of LA with the best Chinese food anywhere in California!

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