Top Four Types Of Iron Driveway Gates In Roseville, CA

A beautiful driveway gate for your home adds value and security while improving style and aesthetics. However, many homeowners are overwhelmed by the vast variety of options that are available when it comes to iron driveway gates. It is important to understand the top types of gates available and which one may fit your home due to the variety of sizes, styles, and even design options available.


Similar to the doors that you may find in a classic department store, sliding driveway gates usually roll on wheels to open and close. Sliding iron driveway gates are a beautiful style, but homeowners should make sure that they have the space for the gate on one side of the driveway when it is open.


One of the most popular iron driveway gates in Roseville, CA is often considered one of the most common. Swinging driveway gates open just like any normal door in your home on hinges. These gates can involve one large panel, or they may feature double panels in the French style.


Another popular option that does not require quite as much space is a barrier gate. Although these are not always the most stylish of options, their main purpose is to deter people from driving on your driveway. They are similar to what you might find in a parking garage before taking a ticket, and they lift up and then lower back down.

Vertical Pivot

Iron vertical pivot driveway gates are perfect for homeowners who need slightly higher security than you get from normal gates, but who do not have the space for sliding or swinging. Usually, this is a large eight-foot tall gate that rises and falls, rather than swinging or sliding. It is the most secure option, and homeowners should visit Folsom Lock & Security, for more information and to view iron design options.

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