Tips When Shopping at a Bridal Store in Pittsburgh, PA

He’s popped the big question (or maybe you did it yourself!) and now the wedding preparations are in full swing. The pressure is on, not only to create the “perfect” day, but to find the perfect wedding dress for the big day. So many brides-to-be scan the magazines, looking for the dress that will turn them into a princess, but in actuality, the dress that looks so amazing on the model may not be the one that makes you shine. Follow the below tips to find the dress that will turn you into picture perfect bride you’ve always imagined.


When you find a bridal store in Pittsburgh PA to begin your search, make an early morning appointment if at all possible. Take a day off from work, choose a Saturday or whatever it takes, but try to arrange the first appointment of the day. By doing so, the store is less crowded and the full attention of the staff is all exactly where it should be. Furthermore, it’s less likely the dress you’d like to see is currently being tried on by another prospective bride.


Shoppers for the big day often imagine a huge skirt or a hemline to die for, but experts from a Bridal Store in Pittsburgh PA suggest you pay more attention to the top of the dress than the bottom. Pictures rarely capture all the detail of the bottom of the dress, instead focusing on the top and face pictures.


The dress is going to be the most photographed item of the day, so get some pictures to help you in the decision making process. Often times, you try on so many dresses, they all start to run together. Pictures, not mirrors, are the best indication of how the dress will work for you. But, keep in mind, some dress stores have a no picture policy, so be sure to call ahead of time and check out the policy.

Try on as many dresses as needed to find the best dress for your wedding day, both ceremony and reception. The dress comes alive when it’s tried on, often taking on an entirely different look than when it was on the hanger. Take a peek at Sorelle Bridal Salon and allow the experts there to help you find the look that was meant to be.

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