Tips for Making an Informed Decision on Hair Extensions

Natural Black Hair Extensions enable a person to have long hair anytime that they want it. Not everyone has the time to grow their hair out, or they may not want to. Having extensions lets anyone have the look they want, right away. This is perfect for everyday wear or for special occasions such as weddings. Remy Hair Distributors can help anyone get the style they want. When a person gets their extensions, they’ll have a few decisions to make. Read on for information on making these decisions.


Natural Black Hair Extensions can be applied in several ways. A client, along with their stylist, can come up with the best option for one’s needs.
Bonded extensions will last for the longest period of time. These can last for several months. This is also the most expensive option, and the most time consuming to have put in. If a client wants long lasting results, this is for them.

Taped in extensions last for a few weeks. They are less expensive than fused extensions. They also take less time. One will have to go back to the salon every couple of months for maintenance of the extensions.

Woven in hair extensions are the least expensive. They are also the quickest to put in. This method cannot be used on everyone. A person must have the right hair type in order to handle having extensions woven into their real hair. Thick, curly hair is best for this option.

Types of hair

Clients have to choose between human hair and synthetic hair. Synthetic hair is less expensive. However, synthetic hair is not as easy to style and care for. Human hair can be styled as one would style their own hair. Virgin human hair is the most expensive option. Many people feel it is worth the cost. It is easy to style and looks stunning.

Armed with this information one can make an informed decision as to which method and hair are best for their budget and style needs. If a person is not sure about how much they’ll like long hair, they may want to start out with synthetic hair and the taped in the method. They can then switch over to human hair once they determine that they love their new, long hair.

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