Tips For Improving The Safety Of Industrial Docks New Lenox

Industrial loading docks are high-risk areas, with a lot of people and heavy equipment in one place. Employers need to take measures to keep their workers safe. The following are a few tips for improving the safety of Industrial Docks New Lenox.

Keep The Dock In Good Repair

Overlooking minor repairs, like a crack in the concrete or a faulty door, can lead to disaster. Cracked or crumbling concrete is a sign that the surface can no longer safely bear the weight of a heavy load. Furthermore, a lift needs a solid, unbroken surface to balance and deliver a load. When doors are poorly maintained, they can fail to stay locked in a raised position and come crashing down on a worker.

Keep The Dock Clear Of Debris

Another important safety measure is to keep the dock area clear of any possible obstacles or spills that could obstruct the path of a forklift or workers. Not only do they slow down the work process, solid debris and liquid spills can both be major slip-and-fall hazards for workers.

Use Bumpers And Chocks

Bumpers and chocks, along with mirrors, help truck drivers safely maneuver into the right position and then lock their wheels in place. If a truck should roll even slightly once the loading or unloading process has begun, workers could easily slip a foot through a gap or simply be caught off balance and fall.

Provide Regular Safety Training For Workers

While the law stipulates that forklift drivers need special safety training, companies should train all of their workers to follow safety guidelines while working on Industrial Docks in New Lenox. Employees should know about maintaining all dock equipment, including doors and dock levelers.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

Scheduling routine service on all dock and door equipment is a good way to ensure that small problems are detected and repaired before a major safety risk can develop. Service should include docks, doors, bumpers, and all other equipment related to use of the dock.

By following these safety measures, companies can greatly reduce the risk of injuries to dock workers. To learn more about purchasing, to maintain, or repairing doors for Industrial Docks New Lenox, check out A Better Door & Window. Visit the website for details.

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