Three Reasons to Hire a Bondsman in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

No one ever plans on getting arrested, but it does happen, and knowing what to do can make a big difference. Calling a Bondsman in Cedar Rapids, Iowa is advised for a number of reasons. Below is a closer look at the various benefits a bondsman provides their client when they are facing issues with the legal system.


When a person is arrested, they are taken into police custody and will go before a judge to determine a trial date and a bail amount. The bail amount is set rather high to ensure the person does not leave jail before their court date (which can take several weeks to months). Unfortunately, the average person does not have thousands of dollars laying around to post their own bail. If bail is not posted, then the person will remain in police custody until the trial is over and a decision has been made.

Release From Jail

A Bondsman in Cedar Rapids, Iowa can get the person released from jail within a 24-hour window in exchange for 8 to 10% of the overall set bail. This is a much more affordable option to pay than the whole bail amount. Once the bail is posted, the person is released from jail and the bondsman is responsible for them throughout the legal process.

Legal Documents

The court system requires a lot of documents that must be filled out and filed correctly to ensure delays do not occur. The average person is not familiar with legal terminology and phrases, and may make mistakes on the paperwork, causing delays in their own court case. Luckily, a bondsman is experienced and knowledgeable regarding legal documents and will assist their client with any necessary paperwork they need completed. Not only that, but they will advise their clients and make them aware of each step they will face in the legal process.

Wildside Bail Bonds is only one of the may bail agencies available for assistance. Call them to get any questions or concerns addressed. Better yet, make an appointment to meet them. A bail agency does much more than provide money for the bail, they are there to support their client throughout the legal process.

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