Three Important Questions to Ask When Searching a Dealership for a Used Car

Nine out of 10 Americans own a car. It’s difficult getting masses of groceries on a bus as is lugging baby equipment to the park for play time. A car is a must. Those with their credit scores and financing lined up might think the hard part is finished. However, shoppers still need to know important things about the cars for sale in Tulsa they choose. Here are three questions that need satisfactory answers.

Regular Service
Buyers need to know if the car they’ve chosen has been serviced regularly. Ask for service records, if any. Ask if the car was serviced by a dealership, a mechanic not with a dealership, or if service was neglected. All this tells buyers if the car is sound and runs well.

At the dealership, check the tightness and lack of fraying on the belts and hoses. The tires should have good tread; a nickel put into the tread should not show the head on the nickel. The fluids should be topped off and not smell burned. The battery should have no corrosion. The wiper blades should not be old and frayed. The air filter should not be dirty.

There should be a vehicle accident report on all cars for sale in Tulsa. If there isn’t, then chances are good the car wasn’t in an accident. If the car was in an accident, the crumpled parts could fail or wear quicker than good parts. Check Carfax or AutoCheck for accident reports.

Ownership History
A car owned by one driver could be a good investment. The car then stands a good chance of being serviced regularly, perhaps garaged instead of parked on the street, and more known about the vehicle. Some cars are traded in while others are bought at auction. Buyers need to know which is which in the car they chose and decide accordingly.

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