Three Benefits of Using a Cake Turntable for Your Home Baking Needs

When you enjoy baking, it is important to have all of the essential supplies. One such supply is a turntable. These tables rotate 360 degrees with just a gentle push. They can be washed by hand or in a dishwasher and reused every time you need to frost a cake, and they have a non-slip pad for staying in place. Consider these three benefits of having a turntable for your cakes.

Easier to Apply Special Touches
A turntable makes it easier to apply an even coat of icing to a cake. If you want to add decorative touches such as waves to the sides, you can turn the turntable with one hand and hold the decorating tool wit your other hand. The turntables spin in both directions, so they work well for left-handed and right-handed people. You can also use them for applying edging at the top of the cake, beading, flowers and more.

Create a Pretty Display
The turntable makes it easy to create a pretty display for the cake on a table. It can hold a single-layer, two-layer or multi-layer cake with ease. When you need to cut the cake, the turntable makes it easy. You could also use turntables to display cupcakes, mini tarts and other small treats. The turntables elevate the cakes from the table, creating an attractive look.

Use It for Other Items
A cake turntable is not just for cakes. You can also use it to hold pieces of art that you want to paint. In particular, they are great for painting stripes onto pottery. These turntables are also good for hand molding and sculpting with clay. You could use the turntable for applying decorations onto a large cookie, pie or other pastries.

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